AQHF Scholarship Program Guidelines

Complete a single application to determine your eligibility for available scholarship funding. Submitted materials must include a completed application form, three reference letters or appraisal forms, and a high school or college transcript. Options for submitting a reference are provided when completing the online application form. Students applying for a state or regional scholarship will also need to provide proof of membership in their state affiliate.

Eligibility of applicants is based on the individual criteria and requirements provided for each scholarship offered. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, financial need and Quarter Horse involvement, as well as an applicant’s outstanding leadership and communication skills.

Recipients are chosen by a selection group as determined by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. All recipient recommendations made by the selection group are ultimately approved by the AQHF Board of Trustees.


All funds available for disbursement must be paid within the designated time allotment. In accordance with the following conditions, the Foundation may place a student on academic probation or subsequently terminate payments to the recipient following non-compliance. Written notification will be sent to the recipient prior to any action being taken.

Only one scholarship will be awarded per recipient, and may not be combined with another scholarship awarded by the American Quarter Horse Foundation. Recipients receiving a multiple year scholarship (two-year or four-year scholarship) may not reapply for scholarship funding until they have received all awarded funds from the specified scholarship.

  1. Scholarship payments are disbursed on a semester-by-semester basis, and may be applied to a one, two or four-year degree plan, as specified by the scholarship's donor.
  2. Recipients are required to attend an accredited college, university, vocational or technical school acknowledged by the United States Department of Education. Veterinary students must attend an AVMA-approved institution.
  3. Disbursements are forwarded to the university’s Office of Student Financial Services or Scholarship Department. Under no circumstances will disbursements be made directly to the recipient. Please note that student athletes participating through any NCAA/NCEA regulated sport may be required to provide additional paperwork to the university. Ultimately, an athlete’s status may affect whether the student is allowed by the university to accept outside scholarship funding.
  4. In the event a scholarship disbursement is in excess of the recipient's outstanding bill or invoice, the Foundation's policy is to advise the institution to credit such funds to the recipient's next semester expenses.
  5. If the recipient fails to complete the requirements of their scholarship (i.e. full-time enrollment, GPA, etc.), the recipient will be placed on probation for up to one year. Notification and an explanation of probationary conditions will be sent to the recipient. Although the recipient has been placed on probation, they are eligible to receive funding for the current semester. However, additional documentation will be required from the recipient before funding for the subsequent semester may be disbursed. At this time, if the recipient has not made the steps necessary to complete the requirement, termination of funding may occur.


Recipients of multiple year scholarships will annually submit the following items for renewal of their scholarship by September 1:

  1. Check Request Form - student will upload the completed form online.
  2. Current Transcript - upload document including the student's prior academic year’s grades. Student must maintain minimum required GPA and complete 24 undergraduate or 12 graduate semester hours per year. Copies of an unofficial transcript or online grade report will meet this requirement.
  3. Donor Thank You - submit a letter, note or video for the scholarship donor.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to provide all items required for scholarship renewal. Payment will not be released until the Scholarship Office receives all items listed above. Failure to complete the specified requirements may result in termination of scholarship payments.